Wednesday, September 1, 2010

King Crimson - Level Five


This is a live album that was only released at merchandise booths on Crimson's 2001 tour. It contains two songs that would show up on the band's next studio album, an orphaned improv session called "Virtuous Circle", two old songs, and a hidden track at the end. It's not too surprising that this was a minor release, as there's a definite stopgap feel to it- that said, it's perfectly enjoyable, but it's hardly an essential live album, especially given the scale of most of Crimson's live documents (in particular, this seems small and insignificant next to Heavy ConstruKction).
Unless you really want to hear the early versions of "Level Five" and "Dangerous Curves" or are a total Crimson completist, this album can be safely skipped. There's nothing really wrong with it, but there's really no compelling reason for its existence.

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