Wednesday, August 11, 2010

King Crimson - Absent Lovers


Absent Lovers documents the last live show performed by the 80's version of the band, and it's a fine performance from all involved. Pretty much every song here is at least the equal of its original studio version, and most of the issues I had with the production on the tracks from Beat are absent here (although Bruford's electronic drums don't always sound great).
If you're interested in hearing earlier material performed by this lineup, you'll be left disappointed (the only pre-Belew songs here are Larks' Tongues Part II and Red), but this album's a great buy for anyone who doesn't want to get the 80's studio albums. I didn't like the fact that they managed to include every single track from Discipline except my favorite, "The Sheltering Sky," but that's just my personal preference. All the band members give spot-on performances, and the material is great. It's a great document of Crimson's live prowess.

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