Monday, July 5, 2010

King Crimson - Intro

King Crimson are one of the giants of progressive rock. Led by guitarist Robert Fripp, the band has gone through a myriad of lineups and musical genres. I first discovered the band through my college library's CD collection, which had their albums from Islands through Discipline. I hadn't had a whole lot of exposure to progressive rock at that point beyond Pink Floyd, so these albums really helped open my horizons. I can't say that all their albums are great, but I feel that some of them are incredibly underrated, especially among the internet music community.

NOTE: King Crimson has an absolutely obscene number of live releases, including the King Crimson Collectors' Club live albums, which rival the Grateful Dead's Dick's Pick's series in number. I will only be covering some of the live albums that the band has produced, but I've tried to cover most of the band's eras. I also will not be reviewing albums by the ProjeKcts which were released by subsets of band members during the 1990's.

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