Friday, July 2, 2010

Guy Lafleur - Lafleur!


Even in a world where Shaquille O'Neal released enough albums to have a "Best of," it's still hard to believe that Lafleur! exists. Who thought it would be a good idea to have Guy Laleur read hockey tips over a disco beat? Who thought that this would end up being a massive crossover hit? One can't help but wonder if this album would even exist if not for the Canadian content requirements on radio stations up north.
But Lafleur! is certainly a riot. There's something I find inherently funny about French-Canadian accents- to me, they're just different enough from French-Canadian accents that they sound like the speaker is vaguely retarded. Lafleur reads his lines in a monotone, which clashes hilariously with the generic disco beats and female backing singers. And much of the advice is so blatantly obvious- Lafleur talks about how you have to shoot when you're in front of the net (as if anyone would shoot from behind the net).
There's also quite a bit of sexual innuendo, although I wouldn't be that surprised if that was unintentional (this album was released in both English and French). The track with the most of this is called "Scoring," which features the line "Remember, back-end shots are more difficult due to the curved stick."
Unfortunately, two of the album's six songs are just generic disco songs that happen to use hockey terminology, and Lafleur is nowhere in sight for them. Still, the other songs are amazingly entertaining.

Not surprisingly, this album is long out of print, so here's a link (thanks to Disco Delivery for the upload)


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