Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Elf - Intro

NOTE: I'm writing this on May 17, the day after Ronnie James Dio passed on. His death isn't the reason I decided to do a page for Elf (I'd been considering doing them since before I heard he was ill), but I wasn't planning on writing my first post-hiatus discography this far in advance.

Although Elf wasn't Ronnie James Dio's first band, it was his first that recorded full-length albums. While one might assume from the band name and Dio's later output that Elf was a fantasy-themed proto-metal band, this just wasn't true- they played Southern-style blues rock, which was certainly a shock for me. Their three albums were fairly good, but there was one near-constant aspect to their songs that I found annoying, which I'll explain in greater detail in my reviews.

PS: Thank God for "special marketing" labels that put this kind of obscure stuff out. These albums would never have stayed in print without them.

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