Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jon Anderson report

This concert definitely wasn't worth the $45 I paid to see it. You see, I expected that Jon Anderson would have, you know, an actual backing band behind him, so I was pretty dismayed when I entered the theater and all that was there was a guitar and a keyboard with no instruments for the rhythm section at all. Yes, this show was just Jon singing and banging out rudimentary chords on a guitar (and occasionally, piano).
I'm going to try not to sound nasty, since I know that Jon has gone through some health problems that probably helped lead to him being kicked out of Yes. When I looked around on the Internet, I noticed that there were only a few other dates before this one, so I'm going to guess that he had doctor's orders against a more rigorous schedule. To his credit, his voice sounded perfectly fine, but I guess he just couldn't find anyone who was willing to back him up for just a few dates.
And he played lots of Yes material, which doesn't really lend itself to such a stripped-down arrangement, especially for a non-virtuoso like Jon. These songs just don't sound right without an entire group of expert musicians playing along. (Then again, the 80's songs like "Owner of a Lonely Heart" sounded even weirder in this format.) Yes songs without the cool instrumental sections feel like what would happen if you removed all the cool sound effects from the Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows", where all that would be left is one cord being played on a sitar over and over.
I hate to say that this is the worst concert I've ever been to, what with me only having been to about half a dozen, but it was. It didn't help that I was almost right next to some buffoon who was loudly requesting "Holy Lamb," an obscure song from "Big Generator" for the entire show. In the end, it was just kind of depressing.

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  1. Pugs: ...That kinda sucks. Was NETHING in the concert NE good? Did NE of Jon's solo stuff benefit from the sorta low-budget presentation? U didn't mention how big the theater was -- 2 big 4 a 1-man show? Was NE of his per4mance worth hearing? & was the resta the audience as disappointed as U? -- TAD.