Friday, March 26, 2010

Cannibal Corpse - Worm Infested


Worm Infested is an EP featuring six leftover tracks recorded during the Corpsegrinder era. The original songs are worthwhile; "Systematic Elimination" is decent, if a bit generic, but the title track is awesome! Sporting some of the grossest Cannibal Corpse lyrics ever (to go with the equally disgusting cover art), "Worm Infested" has great ascending and descending riffs and an excellent performance from Fisher. I have no idea why it didn't make it onto an album. There's also a re-recording of "The Undead Will Feast" from Eaten Back to Life. It's okay, but there were far better Barnes-era songs to recreate.
The other three tracks are all covers, and their effectiveness varies. Accept's "Demon's Night" wasn't such a great choice for a cover, as it's not nearly as chaotic as Cannibal Corpse's original material, but at least it was performed better than the stuff on Six Feet Under's Graveyard Classics albums. Possessed's "Confessions" is fairly faithful to the original, to the point that Corpsegrinder is barely recognizable, using a raspy voice instead of the more typical growling. The EP ends with a cover of Metallica's No Remorse, which does a great job of being both easily recognizable while putting the Cannibal Corpse stamp on it.
The only really essential song here is the title track, but there are some others that are very good. It's not consistent or anything, but what do you expect from a collection of discarded tracks?

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