Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cannibal Corpse - Gore Obsessed


Gore Obsessed is something of a return to form for Cannibal Corpse, with far more memorable passages and songs than the last two studio outings. "Hatchet to the Head" is wonderfully hooky and is one of the few CC songs that one can actually sing along to. Another great song here is "Mutation of the Cadaver," which has great screaming, an interesting bass intro, and drumming that's just off-kilter enough to stand out. Also, the lyrics don't have any profanity or even violence, which means it's completely radio-friendly (I have no idea how it missed the top 40). Corpsegrinder's performance is great throughout, with both high pitched screaming and low-pitched squealing that's not as annoying as those "BREEEEEE" vocals I hate so much.
Unfortunately, some songs aren't entirely consistent; "Drowning in Viscera" starts off with great, rhythmic vocals from Corpsegrinder but levels off after the beginning, while "Savage Butchery" would be a damn fine song if not for the fact that the solo is mixed so low that it's almost inaudible. "Sanded Faceless" has a great intro that actually evokes the song's title, but the rest of the song is pretty much Cannibal Corpse by numbers. "When Death Replaces Life" is a slower song that would be pretty good if it didn't go on for five minutes; as it is, it's fairly repetitive (at least for the first half).
Gore Obsessed has its flaws, but it's a hell of a lot better than the band's previous two efforts. It doesn't really do much that's new for the band, but if you wanted a band with a constantly changing sound, you shouldn't be listening to Cannibal Corpse anyway.

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