Monday, March 1, 2010

Cannibal Corpse - Butchered at Birth


Cannibal Corpse's sophomore effort does away with some of the flaws of Eaten Back to Life, and the result is nothing short of awesome. The minute or so of guitar feedback that opens up the album is the gateway to Cannibal Corpse's dark realm of gore and murder. Butchered at Birth isn't quite as thrashy as its predecessor, but it's just as brutal, with none of the repetitive songwriting that plagued a few of the longer tracks on the first album. Barnes' vocals aren't quite as varied as before, but that's to the album's benefit; he's a lot better at deep growls than higher-pitched yelling and screaming. The guitars sound somewhat rickety, but that adds to the album's chaotic feel- I got the impression as if everything was just about to go flying off the rails, but never did.
Unfortunately, the drumming is just as crummy as before, but that's the only real drawback in evidence. Butchered at Birth is a fine album, and I can recommend it even more highly than the debut.

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