Saturday, February 20, 2010

Terrible Album Covers: Scorpions - Virgin Killer

Christ, this is horrible. Most "generic band picture" album covers are awful, but just look at that guy with the mustache staring into the camera- that's gotta be the dumbest expression ever, and the other guys don't exactly look like they're thrilled to be there.
This was actually a replacement cover- I'm not sure what the first one was, but what could be so horrible that this would be an improvement? Child pornography?

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  1. Pugs: U nailed it. The original German cover of this album showed a naked pre-pubescent girl posed against a black background, photographed as if thru a sheet of glass, w/ a big, jagged crack across her ... crotchal area, if I can get technical here. Sorta a visual metaphor 4 the title, I guess. That cover was even worse than this 1. But I'd submit that this "new" cover accurately Dpicts the quality of the "music" inside. I was never a Scorpions fan.
    & actually, the Scorps hadda SERIES of bad covers -- why is it always the heavy bands that have such unimaginative lame BS 4 covers? 1 of them, the Hipgnosis thing on the front of LOVEDRIVE (I think, & does it matter if I'm wrong?), was at least funny, showing a guy reaching 2 cop a feel of a woman's breast & pulling his hand back w/ ... stuff ... trailing Bhind it, as if her breast was made of chewing gum or melted plastic or something. STILL tasteless, but as Hipgnosis themselves woulda said, it was "an arresting visual image." -- TAD.