Friday, February 5, 2010

New feature: Terrible Album Covers: Foreigner - Head Games

I've been thinking about adding a feature like this for quite a while, but seeing the cover for Foreigner's Head Games while reading Don Ignacio's excellent music review site inspired me to make it a reality. I mean seriously, what the fuck? It's like they were trying to be as creepy as possible. One can easily imagine a bunch of offscreen rapists about to assault her in that men's room- one can only wonder why an MOR band like Foreigner would have an album cover so scuzzy. I need a fucking shower now.

I will be doing this feature on Saturdays from now on, so be sure to check my blog on the weekends as well.

1 comment:

  1. Pugs: Yeah, yr right, HEAD GAMES was pretty creepy. But Foreigner never did put much in2 their covers: Remember, "4" had that TV test-pattern cover -- how freaking boring. Course these albums basically sold themselves; mayB the lame art reflected the confidence the band had in their sales potential at that time. + they never had NE concerns about making women feel uncomfortable....
    BTW, HEAD GAMES has the only full-side of Foreigner I could ever stand 2 hear all of -- the 2nd side, w/ the title track, "Rev on the Red Line," "Do What You Like," "Blinded by Science" & "The Modern Day." Almost a Dcent side 4 a band I always had VERY mixed feelings about -- especially after they fired sax&keybs-guy Ian McDonald Bcos his songs (like "Long Long Way From Home" & "Blue Morning, Blue Day") were "too pretty."
    Keep up the great work.... -- TAD.