Friday, February 19, 2010

Emerson, Lake and Palmer - Live in Poland


The final release from Emerson, Lake and Palmer is this respectable-but-not-great live album. To tell the truth, this was one of the first ELP albums I ever heard, so I'm somewhat biased towards it. Another reason I enjoy it is that there are some songs early on which you wouldn't expect to hear- these include the ELPowell track "Touch and Go," "Bitches Crystal" off of the second side of Tarkus and "From the Beginning" from Trilogy. There's surprisingly little off of Brain Salad Surgery, with just a six-minute excerpt from Karn Evil 9 making the cut.
The second half consists of two lengthy medleys that showcase some of the band's longer pieces (Pictures, Tarkus, Fanfare). They're decent, but I really preferred the more unorthodox first half of the album. Lake's voice is gritty-sounding, as can be expected, but Palmer's drums actually sound real here, unlike the Royal Albert Hall album.
Live in Poland shows that ELP were still decent live even after their horrible late-period studio albums, although it's still more for die-hards than casual fans.
There's actually a 3-disc set of ELP techno remixes which I'm not going to review- I used to own it and it's about as bad as you'd think, with no less than SEVEN versions of "Fanfare for the Common Man."


  1. Pugs: OK, so U survived ELP & lived 2 tell about it. Take a bow & catch yr breath....

    Now then: Who ya gonna do next? No pressure. Take a day off & think about it if U want.... -- TAD.

  2. I stagger my updates a week or more in advance, so I've already written the first review for my next band. It's firmly in the death metal vein, though. I do have some older acts penciled in after that one, though.