Friday, January 22, 2010

One Year Blogiversary

Well, as of tomorrow I'll have been working on this blog for an entire year. I really wasn't sure that I'd be able to make it this long when I started, but I'm glad I've made it this far. Unfortunately, I know jack shit about how to promote a blog, so I've gotten barely any comments, but at least I have a backlog of reviews that people can look over (I probably wouldn't have started reading Prindle or any of my other favorites if I caught them when they were starting out).

1 comment:

  1. Pugs: Well, Happy Birthday & don't stop now!
    On promoting yr site, I'm probly not much help, but....:
    When I started doing this (13+ long months ago), Mark Prindle was the 1st guy I told, cos he'd picked-up summa my stupid comments back in '98 when I 1st discovered the Internet & tripped over his site. & Ghod bless him, he posted a link & got me my 1st few readers. Whatta guy.
    Touched base w/ a coupla other Net reviewers where I'd made comments -- Don Michael Lawrence at Don Ignacio's Record Reviews also linked me, tho a couple others didn't 4 whatever reason. That's cool.
    Since then, I've posted comments at other people's sites when they review something off-the-wall that I like, or I've noted that "I have also reviewed this at my site" & then posted the address -- tho I've since read somewhere that that's considered "bad Netiquette." I don't really care much. I just don't wanna Mbarrass myself 2 badly....
    Since then, I've pretty much given up self-promoting. Now I mainly just write & comment, & if folks wanna drop in they can figure out how 2 do that. I still get a few folks visiting that I don't know how they found me or where they came from....
    I did a blurb about yr site on my blog awhile back (last Aug, I think. MayB Oct?), but I can't tell if it helped NE or if NE1 ever visited. I think I've only got about a dozen people in the world who read me, NEway....
    I'm still Njoying yr work & yr Nthusiasm, & if U wanna get more wordy U should.
    I'm about 2 dive in2 Van der Graaf's PAWN HEARTS & will likely B re-reading yr views again B4 I post mine....
    Keep crankin em out, & again happy B-day! -- TAD.