Friday, January 8, 2010

Emerson, Lake and Palmer - s/t


ELP's self-titled debut is fairly decent, although not quite a classic. "The Barbarian" certainly gets things off to a great start, with Emerson's great organ playing over a proto-metallic riff from Lake, but "Take a Pebble", while it starts out and ends superbly, certainly could have stood to lose a few minutes there in the middle. "Knife Edge" ends the first side with one of the harder rocking songs on the album.
"The Three Fates" is basically three Emerson keyboard solos; the first, on the organ, is absolutely great (I think I've heard it ripped off in some Final Fantasy game or something), but the second piano part just meanders, and Palmer's great drumming on the third section is probably more interesting than the keyboard part. Then we hit "Tank," one of the few Palmer compositions the band recorded, and it's quite good (although fairly obviously written by a drummer, what with the lengthy solo).
The closer, Lucky Man, one of the band's best known songs, is pretty good, but completely unrepresentative of the band's sound, being an acoustic ballad with no contribution from Emerson until the insanely out-of-place synth solo at the end. I haven't heard something so out-of-place in a song since the guitar solo on the last Enya album, or the song by the death metal band Six Feet Under where Ice-T starts rapping halfway through.
All in all, the self-titled debut isn't bad or anything, but there would be better stuff later on.

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  1. Pugs! U go, man. I'll B intrested 2 C what U make of ELP's rowdier, more obnoxious stuff. Even tho they all had egos big enuf 2 block out the Sun, I still think they made 1/2adozen or so Absolute Classics that I still play now & then. Course they didda lotta crap, 2.... 4 most mere mortals, I'd predict U wouldn't have much of a brain left by the time U got done w/ LOVE BEACH, but U survived Van der Graaf (I haven't even HEARD them), so ELP shouldn't give U 2 much trouble.
    So, U got TARKUS up next? Good Luck. Planning NE King Crimson reviews in the future?
    Keep it up, still Njoying yr work, & if U wanna get a little wordier it's not gonna bother me none. Cheers! -- TAD.