Monday, January 4, 2010

Bob Vido - One Man Band


On several of his pages, Mark Prindle bemoans the fact that he heard a great song by some band on a compilation, but when he tracked down the band's only release, it wasn't good at all (check out his Count Five and Stranglehold pages for good examples). I first discovered Bob Vido through his song "Boo-Bah-Bah" on the 365 Days Project. It was entertaining as hell, with nonsense lyrics and horns and an accordion awkwardly dubbed over each other. Later, I found another song off of his only release, One Man Band called "High Speed" on one of the "Songs in the Key of Z" compilations, and greatly enjoyed it too. So when I found that One Man Band was available on the MP3 store, I thought that I would love the entire thing.
Boy, was I wrong. You'd think that all the songs on an album titled "One Man Band" would be something that couldn't be recorded by just one person with no overdubs, but you'd be wrong. The ENTIRE first half is nothing but Mr. Vido and a fucking accordion, performing songs that sound like they were made up on the spot. The second half starts out pretty strong, with the two songs that I had heard previously, but then we get two more vocals-and-accordion toss-offs (at least these are short). We get another overdubbed song with "Total Creative Music (Vidology 708)," but it's dreary as hell (there's some primitive synthesizer that sounds inappropriately "spooky"). This is followed by an insanely boring piano piece (actually an excerpt of a concerto- thank Cthulhu he didn't feel the need to include the entire thing), with two dull non-originals with some perfunctory overdubbing over the accordion closing the thing out.
It's amazing just how dull most of One Man Band is; the tracks I heard before I purchased it are the only two decent parts at all. The rest is something you might expect to find hidden in the desk of an older relative after he passes on, but without the sentimental value. The only tracks worth checking out here are available elsewhere; One Man Band is extremely skippable and even I, a fan of much outsider music, find very little to enjoy about it.

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