Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Nefilim - Zoon


This is a Carl McCoy side project released in 1996, but recorded a few years earlier. I can see why it was held up for so long; by the time this was recorded, McCoy's voice was but a grizzled parody of what it used to be; it's like McCoy's trying to do a death growl and failing miserably. Compounding the vocal troubles is that Zoon tries to sound more metallic than the albums released under the "Fields" moniker. This might have worked if they'd done it well, but the metal riffs used here are leaden and dull as hell, and the album is rife with poorly used samples and keyboards that aren't played so much as programmed. McCoy and his partners were attempting to give off, an "industrial" or "dark ambient" atmosphere on Zoon, but all of this just comes off as dumb and pandering. There are a few decent moments that actually sound somewhat like classics Fields material, but not too many; I'd have to say that "Pazuzu" is the only song that manages to be decent all of the way through; it's a passable but not amazing metal song that isn't "industrialized" too much.
I'm of the firm opinion that most of the bad reputation that goth rock gets is due to crap like this that was released in the 1990's and later, and that the genre got ruined by too many bands trying to appeal to spoiled teenagers. Zoon is a classic example of the degeneration of gothic rock, and should be avoided.

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