Monday, December 14, 2009

Gwar report

I just got back from seeing Gwar on Saturday, and they put on one hell of a show. Unfortunately, their opening acts, The Red Chord and Job for a Cowboy, were terrible metalcore acts that didn't deserve to share the same stage as the Scumdogs; I could easily have shown up an hour late without missing anything of value.
The crowd was basically what you'd expect, with a few older people here and there. There were a few people wearing Insane Clown Posse shirts, which makes sense because Gwar is basically what ICP would be if they were any good at all. I also saw one or two kids, whose parents really, really suck at their jobs.
The sound wasn't great; Oderus' vocals were difficult to make out. I don't know if that's how Gwar normally sets things up (the album live at Mt. Fuji has the vocals fairly low in the mix), or whether the acoustics were just terrible (I read some reviews of the Electric Factory on the internet that said the sound there wasn't very good). However, the real focus of Gwar shows is the stage antics, and they delivered in spades, with lots of blood and semen being sprayed on the crowd and all sorts of violent acts being performed (my personal favorite was Oderus inserting a sword into a grotesque baby prop's vagina dentata. Amusingly, there was a couple making out near me while this was going on). Unfortunately, I stood a bit too far away from the stage to get covered in any of the bodily fluids.
There was a pretty strong focus on their most recent album, "Lust in Space," where Gwar leaves the earth in disgust only to return because Oderus misses crack. The stage show had all kinds of hilarious props, such as a boulder with "CRACK" written on it and a giant robot, and is well worth seeing even if you've never heard a Gwar album. Although I think Gwar's studio albums are underrated, if you see them live, it's definitely for the antics rather than the music.

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