Monday, December 21, 2009

Fields of the Nephilim - Fallen


Fallen doesn't contain any of the original members of Fields of the Nephilim except Carl McCoy, who was really pissed that his label released this, claiming that the songs were unfinished demos. However, these songs sound plenty finished to me (as well as a lot of other reviewers,)- if anything, they're way overproduced- so he may not have been telling the whole truth.
Fallen is more of a straight-up industrial album than Zoon. I've always hated a lot of the gimmicks of the industrial genre that are in evidence (heavily filtered vocals, "dark" keyboard passages that are just boring, a complete and utter lack of energy from anyone involved), but I have to say that it works somewhat better than the industrial/metal chimera that Zoon was; it's just that whenever some element of a song starts to work, it's immediately buried under some of those horrid production tricks. Sure, the classic Fields material had some gimmickry that didn't always work, but it didn't go nearly as overboard as what's in evidence here. The rare tracks that aren't somehow overproduced are pretty good ("Hollow Doll" could easily have been an outtake from one of the classic albums), but there aren't nearly enough of them for this to be an essential purchase.

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