Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fields of the Nephilim - Elizium


The Fields must have been really proud of "Last Exit for the Lost" off the last album, because Elizium consists of just five lengthy pieces (although the first is split up into four tracks). The songs here are diverse, combining lengthy atmospheric sections with faster, harder rocking parts. There's more emphasis on keyboards here than on the earlier albums- it's the first Fields album with a keyboardist credited as a full member of the band, and although there are a few parts where things get a little too ambient for my tastes, at least it's not that fucking saxophone on the first EP, ugh. They're mostly used for texture, but the keys are still usedwell on the few occasions when they're front and center.
My biggest gripe with this album is that the basslines aren't as awesome as they used to be- they totally drove the songs on earlier releases, but they're more or less in the background here. The length of the songs also means that there are some parts that are too repetitive or just not as interesting as other sections. I can't give Elizium a rating as high as the albums before it, but it's still pretty good, and it's a shame that it would be the last studio album from this incarnation of the band.

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