Friday, December 18, 2009

Bands with no lineup changes

Most bands have some personnel changes at one point or another. In fact, a lot of bands that most people think of as having a constant lineup actually had some little-known switches. For example:

ZZ Top: Their first single had Billy Gibbons with a different rhythm section.

The Smiths: There was a second guitarist for a short time.

The Police: The band formed with a second guitarist who only played on the first single.

The Doors: There were two albums after Jim Morrison's death which have since been disowned.

Queen: The abominable Queen + Paul Rodgers releases weren't even the only thing that May & Taylor did as "Queen".

Rush: The band had a drummer named John Rutsey on the first album who was replaced by Neil Peart.

The only two top-tier bands which had lengthy careers with no lineup changes at all that I can think of off the top of my head are U2 and Led Zeppelin (the latter only if you don't count the one-off shows they did after Bonham's death). Oh, and any band with a name consisting of the members' names, but even then, things get sticky- is Emerson, Lake and Powell considered a different lineup of Emerson, Lake and Palmer? The mind boggles.

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  1. Pugs: U're right, & there's lots more Xamples -- Genesis had lotsa personnel changes in their early days: Guitarist Anthony Phillips left, & there were 2 drummers B4 Phil Collins ... followed by their Amazing Shrinking Band antics later on....
    Yes should install a revolving door in the studio 2 keep up w/ their personnel changes. Same w/ King Crimson. British folk-rock band Fairport Convention has gone thru about 30 members -- last I heard they were still touring, mayB w/ 1 original member left.
    Thot I had 1 4 ya on the "only long-running top-tier bands w/ no personnel changes" thing, but then I started thinkin about the replacements the Rolling Stones have made 4 Brian Jones....
    I'm sure U can think of more....
    Loved yr GWAR concert review, BTW. U painted a very clear picture. Did they really spray blood & semen on the crowd...? Some people sure have a weird idea of a good time.... & what's that got 2 do w/ music?
    Thanx 4 swingin by my site & commenting -- I plugged yr work in a blog post a coupla mo's back but I can't tell if NE1's visited U....
    NEway, keep it up, & I'm looking 4ward 2 yr Camel reviews.... -- TAD.