Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Death - Spiritual Healing


Spiritual Healing basically follows the exact same formula as Leprosy, to the point where one could easily mix and match songs from the two albums without any songs seeming out of place. There's a little bit of extra production here that wasn't on the last album (stuff like phase effects shows up in a few places, and the guitar in an early part of the title track has a weird scratchy sound that you don't hear often in metal) and the lyrics are more political and less horror-based than the first two albums. However, the sound is remarkably similar in almost every other way, from the guitar tones to the song lengths to the soloing.
That doesn't make Spiritual Healing a bad album, though, and anyone who liked the first two albums will find much to enjoy here. It's just that someone listening to Death at this point in their career would get the impression that they were one of those bands that wouldn't change much at all. However, with their next release, that would all change.

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