Monday, November 23, 2009

Death - Live in LA


Live in LA was recorded under less-than-ideal circumstances during a less-than-ideal period in the band's history (in my opinion) with a less-than-ideal set list, but I still think it's worth a listen. This was recorded during the tour supporting The Sound of Perseverance, and Chuck uses his high-pitched shriek that I find a little annoying. As a result, the setlist is heavy on songs from that album, with just two songs from the first three albums ("Zombie Ritual" and "Pull the Plug"). The recording quality could be better, too; the guitars sound pretty good for most of the way through, but the drums are extremely tinny, and there are some notable jumps between songs when the band members were tuning up. I release that this album was a last-minute release of a forgotten soundboard recording to raise funds for Chuck's cancer treatments, but the drum sound takes quite a bit away from the quality of these songs and the obvious between-song edits destroy a sense of immediacy.
Still, the instrumental performances are great and spot-on, even if they don't improve on the original studio versions in any real way. It's a shame that they couldn't have released a live set from an older incarnation of the band, but any existing recordings from back then probably had considerably worse quality than this.

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