Monday, November 16, 2009

Death - Individual Thought Patterns


This is my favorite of Death's albums, and the biggest factor is probably the rhythm section. Steve DiGiorgio, who was on Human but not that audible for most of the time, completely steals the show on fretless bass here with his ridiculously good performance; it's a shame that this would be his last album with Death. Meanwhile, new drummer Gene Hoglan (of about a million different bands, the most recent of which is Dethklok) absolutely tears it up as well; together, Hoglan and DiGiorgio have to be one of the best ever rhythm combos in the history of extreme metal. Other than them, Individual Patterns has typically strong guitars, although they're more in the technical style of the second half of Human than the more brutal style of the first few albums. Some of the wailing parts on "The Philosopher" are just completely golden
Although I like the later, technical Death about the same as the earlier, rawer Death, I can't say I'd recommend the later albums for death metal newbies. I personally got interested in the more old school style of death metal first, and while technical stuff can be rewarding, it's awfully hard to follow at first. I had to give Individual Thought Patterns the 10 over Scream Bloody Gore, though, because it's a lot more varied.

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