Friday, October 16, 2009

Malinda Jackson Parker - Tubman Goodtype Songs of Liberia


This album is just weird. It's a vanity pressing from a former member of the Liberian Congess, and it's just her terrible off-key voice and incompetent piano playing. For some reason, Ms. Parker feels the need to provide lengthy spoken intros where she introduces herself on every track, and the subject matter of her songs is just weird, with songs about bush cow milk, mosquitoes and palm trees, as well as a cover of "Yes, We Have No Bananas". Tubman Goodtype Songs of Liberia is short, at under half an hour, but some of the songs just go on forever, with the first and last tracks clocking in at over 7:30 each.
This is basically a one-joke album. It's a fairly funny joke, but it wears out its welcome long before the album's over. The Cousin Mosquito tracks are probably the most amusing, but they're at the end of the album, where the listener will just feel exhausted. Also, the second one is one of the long tracks, which takes away from how she shoehorns her lyrics into that one dark piano piece by Rachmaninoff (which she plays as horribly as everything else on the album). If you're really interested in this, get both of the Songs in the Key of Z compilations; they have the Cousin Mosquito songs and lots of other, more interesting outsider stuff. Only the desperately curious should shell out $4.45 to get this off off the Amazon mp3 store like I did.

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