Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Doors - Other Voices


I've never been of the opinion that a band should call it quits if it loses its frontman- if every band did that, we never would've gotten Back in Black. While Jim Morrison was very talented, I don't think he was quite irreplaceable, and I'm sure that the remaining Doors could've found someone decent to take his place if they'd looked far and wide.
Unfortunately, they didn't look far and wide. Instead of finding a new vocalist, Robbie Krieger and Ray Manzarek took turns at the mic. Krieger isn't that horrible a singer, but Manzarek is one of the worst frontmen I have ever heard. His voice is filled with personality, but none of it is good; his delivery is halfway between a hillbilly and a drunken lounge singer and he never sounds remotely sincere. Apparently, the first sessions were begun before Morrison's death while he was on holiday in France, so I guess they wouldn't have had much time to find a new frontman even if they'd wanted to.
However, Other Voices wouldn't have been a very good album even if its songs had been sung by Morrison or someone else with talent; most of the music is dull and uninspired, whether it's retreads of earlier bluesy material, lame Santana rip-offs with unnecessary jamming or boring R&B. Worst, none of the darkness is present; it's mostly upbeat or unconvincingly sentimental. This album isn't available on CD, but don't bother searching for it on vinyl; it's hardly worth the effort.

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