Friday, October 2, 2009

The Doors - Morrison Hotel


The Doors caught the blues-rock bug that was going around during the late 60's and early 70's, and the result was kind of generic. The Doors' version of the genre is, as should be obvious, keyboard-heavy. I felt that the strongest of these songs was "Maggie M'Gill", with its ever-so-slightly off-kilter rhythm section, but some of the others are quite forgettable.
Fortunately, it's not the blues all the way through, and some of the best songs here fall outside that genre, such as the awesome wakka-wakka funky guitar of "Peace Frog" and the synthy gloominess of "Waiting for the Sun" (which would've been one of the better songs on its namesake album had it made the cut).
Unfortunately, apart from that track and one or two others, the typical Doors atmosphere is almost completely absent on Morrison Hotel; the musical elements are there, but little of the dark mood is present and the bluesy vibe wears awfully thin by the time the record's over. The inclusion of "Indian Summer," the first song the band ever recorded was a pretty huge mistake; it's soft and boring as hell, and really has no place among any of the band's later work. The inclusion of two songs recorded far earlier than the others is a pretty strong sign that the Doors were strapped for ideas at this point, and it shows, although it's still more intelligent than most of Waiting for the Sun.

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