Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Doors - In Concert


This is a compilation containing the albums "Alive She Cried" and "Absolutely Live" in their entirety, as well as a few other tracks. All in all, it's a pretty good sampling of the Doors' career, with pretty good performances and but it's not without its faults. For example, while I love lengthy conceptual pieces, I'm forced to admit that "Celebration of the Lizard" just sucks and that they did the right thing in only including "Not to Touch the Earth" on Waiting for the Sun. "Lizard" is filled with dumb Native American mysticism and Jim's terrible poetry, and there aren't even any lengthy instrumental passages so he could fight a guy in a rubber lizard suit onstage.
There are some non-studio tracks, but with the exception of a great, wonderfully lively cover of "Little Red Rooster," they're pretty forgettable. "Dead Cats, Dead Rats" is particularly inane to the point where it would've fit in nicely on "An American Prayer". (Speaking of that album, the rendition of "Roadhouse Blues" off of it is included here, so now there's no reason to buy that piece of shit!) Also, there's a cover of Willie Dixon's "Close to You" that could've been good if not for the fact that Jim didn't seem too interested and let Manzarek take the mic, and you know how much I love his voice, ugh.
Still, the more typical Doors songs come off well in a live setting and Jim has some pretty amusing stage banter to offset the pretentious crap, so I can still recommend this.

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