Friday, October 9, 2009

The Doors - Full Circle


Full Circle is a distinct improvement over Other Voices; it doesn't feel like it was a contractual obligation, but it's still not going to win any awards (this is a low, low 5, as opposed to the high 5 of Waiting for the Sun). It's still in the bar-band vein, but there's some not-completely-forced-sounding funkiness that makes it a bit more lively. Unfortunately, Manzarek still gets to sing, and there are some terrible backing vocals which I assume were intended to distract from how horrible his voice is. There's also the horrible Speedy Gonzales Spanish on "The Mosquito," which is just plain embarrassing (why yes, they do rhyme "mosquito" with "burrito"! There is some decent soloing in the second half, though).
The two post-Morrison albums have been completely disowned; they've never been released legitimately on CD, and have been stricken from most official references (the Complete Lyrics book doesn't even mention them). I'm a firm believer that if possible, a band should try to keep all its albums in print no matter how awful they are; one should never prevent people from hearing one's entire catalog. I can't imagine anyone loving these two albums, but who am I to judge? What frustrates me about these albums being deleted from history is the fact that there's a considerably worse album under the Doors name that's still in print today, but we'll get to that in the next update.

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