Monday, October 12, 2009

The Doors - An American Prayer


This abortion just shouldn't exist. In 1978, the remaining Doors decided to take some of Jim's poetry and awkwardly dubbed new music over it, creating a "new" Doors album that absolutely blows (actually, it's listed as "Jim Morrison, Music by The Doors"). Morrison may have been a pretty good lyricist, but his poetry is godawful- even though he was famous, he had to resort to self-publishing to get a book of his poetry released. The only time it works is when it's in small doses, like at the beginning of "The Soft Parade". Morrison sounds just insanely bored for most of this, even when he talks about rape, menstruation, and his penis. He even uses the C-word! How SHOCKING! What makes it even worse is that it's obvious at times that his words have been cut up, destroying whatever cadence he may have had in order to fit the music.
And the music is mediocre at best and terrible at worst. I heard more than one critic describe it as "disco," and I thought they were joking. While not all of the music falls into the disco genre, much of it does, and most of the rest is just more of the lame Santana pastiche that plagued the post-Morrison albums. The best musical moments are taken directly from earlier, good Doors albums.
Not only is An American Prayer pretentious, it isn't even fun, like, say, The Transformed Man. The sole redeemable track is a live version of "Roadhouse Blues," which brings it up to a low, low 2. I can't believe this Frankenstein monster of an album has any defenders at all.

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