Friday, October 30, 2009

Death - Scream Bloody Gore


This album is as historically important as it is strong. Scream Bloody Gore is still rough-sounding, but it's listenable (unlike the demos). The songs go every which way; although none of them are very long, they all go through several sections (they just do it really quickly). Scream Bloody Gore also features the aggressive, violent riffing and wild soloing that helped define the genre of death metal. It's not just an especially brutal thrash metal album like its predecessors.
This album was just recorded by Chuck and drummer Chris Reifert (who would later found Autopsy,) but it doesn't feel stitched-together at all. It's also surprisingly bassy; some other death metal bands would record albums with barely any low end at all. There are a few more melodic sections, like the intro to "Evil Dead," but for the most part, this is just balls-to-the-wall brutality straight through.
The album title and cover are just silly as hell, though; "Scream Bloody Gore" sounds like three words associated with horror movies, and why are those skeletons on the cover drinking from goblets? Whatever they're drinking would just fall through their ribs! However, as I've stated before, I love silliness in metal so it's all good with me. This is an essential release for any death metal fan.

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