Monday, September 28, 2009

The Doors - Waiting for the Sun


I don't really like music that tries to be light and happy much. It just comes across to me as being dumb and contrived as hell. Songs like this don't make up that much of Waiting for the Sun, but they're prevalent enough that it I have to give it a relatively low rating. There's less dark weirdness than their was on the previous two albums; there are just too many stupid happy pop songs (Hello, I Love You, Love Street, Wintertime Love) and dreary ballads (Summer's Almost Gone, My Wild Love and Spanish Caravan- why yes, the later does feature some awful, cliched flamenco guitar! The second half is actually pretty good, though.)
Fortunately, the more typical dark Doors songs are really good; "The Unknown Soldier" is creepy and political at the same time, "Five to One" is deservedly the best-known song off of this album, and "Not to Touch the Earth" is a great excerpt from the 17-minute "Celebration of the Lizard" which was originally supposed to make up the second side (we'll get to a live rendition of the full version later on). Unfortunately, there's too much banal stuff here to make up for the few tracks where the Doors do what they did best.

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