Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Doors - Strange Days


This is just as strong as the debut, if not quite as readily accessible, because it's even darker than its predecessor; I doubt that any release by a mainstream band had been this gloomy before 1967. Even stuff like the silly effects on Morrison's voice on the titular opener and the dumb pop song "Love Me Two Times" works (the former because it fits the mood perfectly, and the latter because of Jim's ever-so-slightly detached delivery). Even the basslines are surprisingly good for a band without a full-time bassist. The only part where the debut was darker was in the lengthy final track; "When the Music's Over" is quite good but a little more repetitive and considerably lighter in tone than "The End".
The only real stinker is "Horse Latitudes," which is just a terrible poem accompanied by noise, but I can forgive this because it's only 90 seconds long and it's not like they released an entire album of Jim's shitty poetry. Still, it's the only real blemish on an extremely strong album.

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