Monday, September 21, 2009

The Doors - The Doors


This is one of my favorite debut albums ever, right up there with In the Court of the Crimson King, The Transformed Man and the self-titled Van Halen and Black Sabbath debuts. There's so much that's been said about the Doors that it's hard to think of anything new, but I really love the lengthy solos in "Light My Fire," the somewhat goofy yet fun covers "Back Door Man" and "Alabama Song," and the opium-drenched "Crystal Ship". (At least, it reminds me of what I think taking opium would be like. My entire experience with illegal drugs consists of one party where someone brought a joint- it wasn't exactly the Algonquin Round Table).
And then there's The End, made famous by its appearance in "Apocalypse Now". I personally think it could have lost a minute or two without losing anything, but it's still wonderfully atmospheric and gloomy- when people talk about the Doors being the first "gothic rock" band, this is the song they're probably referring to. I actually prefer the censored version, though- you get the full point of the Oedipal part without the use of the word "fuck".
And yeah, "I Looked at You" is just dumb, but it's the only real clunker and it's less than two and a half minutes long.

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  1. I personally have never enjoyed Morrison all that much, although his band really tears shit up.