Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Loreena McKennitt - Live in Paris and Toronto


Live in Paris and Toronto isn't a bad album at all; it's just kind of redundant. The first disc is just a song-for-song replay of The Book of Secrets, and the second disc is exclusively made up of songs from The Visit and The Mask and Mirror. There's nothing at all from the first three albums, which is a shame because those songs would probably have been the most changed in a live format, and therefore would be more interesting.
It's still perfectly competent, though, and the performances are consistently good, although not noticeably better or worse than the original studio versions. I guess it works pretty well as a compilation of tracks from those three albums, but it's not exactly essential. Some of the songs are shortened a little, which I liked for the lengthy ones based on poems but didn't like for all the others.
This would be Loreena McKennitt's last album for seven years; she went on hiatus from recording new material after her fiancee died in a boating accident while she was working on this album.

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