Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ramases - Space Hymns


This is a strong album with a very diverse range of sounds. Some of the tracks on Space Hymns have a very primal feel despite the fact that the album well-produced and uses modern instruments, prime examples being the wakka-wakka guitar on "Life Child" and the clanky yet powerful drumming on "Oh Mister." Other tracks have a more religious feel, such as the Eastern-sounding "Quasar One" and "Molecular Delusion" and "You're the Only One" with its barely audible choral vocals.
There's also a wonderful ballad ("And the Whole World"). Unfortunately, the last two songs kind of suck; "Jesus" is just plain repetitive and "Journey to the Inside" is a godawful droning "psychedelic" song that goes on for too long and just tries way too hard to be weird. It's a shame that this album had to end on that bitter note, as the rest is excellent.

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