Friday, July 10, 2009

Ramases - Glass Top Coffin


Ramases' second and final album isn't nearly as diverse as the first. There's too much orchestral backing, which just smothers the songs on which it appears, somewhat reminiscent of Yes' Time and a Word. There's even some of those male/female group vocals which went out of style way back in the 1940's on the first and last tracks. "Stepping Stones" follows the blueprint of "Tomorrow Never Knows," where the basic track is extremely repetitive but lots of stuff is overdubbed on the side. Unfortunately, it's far less successful than that Beatles song.
However, other tracks are well produced without being overdone, such as "Only the Loneliest Feeling," which has quiet vocals against wind effects, and the tracks which rely on backing by more traditional rock instruments (as well as synthesizers)are generally superior, such as the title track and "God Voice." These songs stick closer to the formula established on Space Hymns without any of the ill-advised strings. Glass Top Coffin is still a decent album, but the symphonic stuff brings it down somewhat.
This album is NOT available on CD. Therefore, I am posting a Rapidshare link so that people who don't feel like tracking the original vinyl down can enjoy it (good luck, Amazon didn't even have an entry for the vinyl version). The bitrate is constant at 192.


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