Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gorguts - From Wisdom to Hate


One might expect that Gorguts' follow-up to Obscura would be a clone of that release, but From Wisdom to Hate didn't turn out that way. It's kind of halfway between Obscura and the first two albums; it's not quite as avant-garde but it's definitely not a typical death metal album. It's pretty good and maintains at least some of Obscura's atmosphere (the weird guitar sounds are present some of the time), but it's a bit underwhelming after the previous effort. If this album had come before that release instead of after it, it probably would've gotten more recognition. As it is, it's just a bit of a rehash and mellowing out of the band's sound (by relative standards, of course; it's still a death metal record, after all).
The only real addition to the band's sound here is a lame-as-hell "symphonic" synth intro to "The Quest for Equilibrium" that's completely out of place. It's too bad there's not much new here, but it's still an okay album despite that fact. One gets the impression that it could have been so much more, though.

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