Friday, July 17, 2009

Gorguts - Erosion of Sanity


Erosion of Sanity is a bit more adventurous than its predecessor, but without improving on it in any significant way. There's some piano added, but, like the "Egyptian" parts of Nile songs, it doesn't appear outside of intros and transitions (not that it would really have worked outside of them on a death metal album anyway.) The songs have more twists and turns now, but they're really not a whole lot more memorable, and even though parts of the album are more technical than Considered Dead, other parts still feel a bit generic at times. Luc Lemay's vocals aren't as consistent, either; he sometimes sounds just fine, but at other times he's reminiscent of Chris Barnes' awful performances on later Six Feet Under albums.
Still, this isn't a horrible album; it's still bassy as hell and some sections are right up there with the best stuff on Considered Dead. It's just that it hasn't really progressed much beyond that album. Roadrunner Records decided to dump Gorguts after this album, leading to a hiatus that lasted for several years.

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