Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gorguts - Considered Dead


Considered Dead is a solid but not especially unique album of old school death metal. It's not too different than what most other death metal bands were doing at the time (it's even produced by Scott Burns), but there are a few neat touches that I liked. First of all, Chris Barnes performs backing vocals on three tracks; his work with Cannibal Corpse is some of my favorite vocal work in the death metal genre (meanwhile, vocalist Luc Lemay is decent but unspectacular.) It's also bassy as hell, with even a few quick bass solos at a few point. The riffing is catchy as hell and the solos are mostly interesting.
Downsides include the fact that the drums are poorly produced and clanky as hell (but that's par for the course in early death metal), there are some lame acoustic intros, and the tempos are mostly similar; Gorguts never ratchets it up to grindcore levels or slows it down to death-doom. Considered Dead may not sound anything like Obscura, but it's still a worthwhile addition to a death metal fan's collection.

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