Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chris Squire - Fish out of Water


Bassist Chris Squire has been the only constant member of Yes, and unlike most of the other prominent members (Rabin, Anderson, Wakeman, Bruford, Howe), he only has one solo album to his name. Fish Out of Water was released in 1975, and it relies a bit too much on orchestration for my tastes. Squire's singing is decent (he'd been singing backup on Yes albums before, of course) and the basslines are just as meaty as one might expect. Yet there's something lacking on the two 10 minute+ tracks- they don't flow quite as well as similar tracks on Yes albums and seem to go on as long as the sidelengths from Tales from Topographic Oceans.
However, the shorter tracks tend to be stronger; I enjoyed the McCartney-esque "You By My Side" and the jazz-funk "Lucky Seven" a lot. While Fish Out of Water turned out to be just a decent album, I kind of wish Squire had issued a few more solo efforts. I'd gladly trade a bunch of Wakeman's New Age albums for a second Squire album.

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