Friday, June 5, 2009

Slayer - Show No Mercy


As is typical for a debut album, the Slayer seen on Show No Mercy hasn't completely evolved into what it would be later on. The songs are pretty fast, but not the lightning speed of albums like "Reign in Blood," and Tom Araya's delivery isn't nearly as manic as it would be later on; his screaming sounds thin and wimpy as hell, and there are some really cheesy backing vocals on "Evil Has No Boundaries" that would stick out on a later Slayer album like Sammy Davis Jr. at a Klan rally. Also, Dave Lombardo's drumming isn't nearly as intense as it would become later. Still, the riffs and solos are solid, if not as thrashy as the band's later material (there are a few generic midtempo chugga-chugga riffs).
I've heard this album described be several people (George Starostin among them) as just being "sped-up Judas Priest," but Tipton and Downing never played solos like this. These solos are just nasty, with jagged notes all over the place, and things would only get wilder from here.

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