Monday, June 8, 2009

Slayer - Haunting the Chapel


This EP is where Slayer turned into full-on thrash from the speed metal of their debut. Araya's vocals are much faster and harsher than on Show No Mercy, Lombardo's drums finally kick out of first gear, and the guitars are just as raw as they've always been. It's not nearly as fast or as chaotic as, say, Reign in Blood, but it was getting there; the song structures are increasingly complex. At just 12 minutes, it's short even by EP standards, but it's still well worth getting.
Old EPs generally have trouble getting re-released, but this isn't too hard to find because it's been packaged with Live Undead. You might want to track down the standalone version, though, since it includes the original version "Aggressive Perfector", which would appear as a bonus track on "Reign in Blood."

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