Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Slayer - Divine Intervention


Okay, this album just isn't that compelling. Araya's yelling feels monotonous for the first time, the soloing isn't quite as chaotic as before, and some tracks sound like they were put through some unnecessary filters (it's kind of hard to describe). There are definitely some high points, though- "Dittohead," a song about Rush Limbaugh is certainly a hoot, and the title track and "213" have wonderfully creepy intros, but there aren't nearly as many of those as on previous records. Oh, and they replaced their drummer, too.
There's a song here called "213", after the apartment that Jeffrey Dahmer lived in when he committed all his murders. The funny thing is that when I first went to college, I lived in an apartment 213 for three years- and I didn't even know the significance of this number until I'd moved out. Weird. Of course, I acted nothing like Dahmer when I was there- I only tried to lobotomize women to make them my sex slaves, because homosexuality is gross.

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