Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Freddy and the Elm Street Group - Freddy's Greatest Hits


I haven't seen any of the Nightmare on Elm Street films, but I found this artifact of crass marketing fascinating anyway. Apparently, marketing executives thought it was appropriate to market a film series about a pedophile serial killer to children, and stuff like Freddy Krueger candy and this album resulted. This was promoting either the third or fourth NoES film, I'm not sure which.
None of the songs on this album appeared in any of the movies, making Freddy's Greatest Hits even more ephemeral than your average film soundtrack. Instead of music from one of the films, we get an awful Cyndi Lauper-wannabe singer, execrable guitars and synthesizers, and a fucking horrible drum machine. Half the songs are 50's and 60's covers of songs vaguely related thematically to the film series if you're feeling really generous ("All I Have to Do Is Dream," "Do the Freddy,") and the others are terrible original songs. There's even a completely pointless instrumental tacked onto the end.
So why does this get a 3 and not a 1? There are two reasons. There's a pretty good cover of "In the Midnight Hour" where the 80's production is pretty subdued and the synths are replaced by a Hammond organ (I can't get enough of that instrument). The second is Freddy himself, played as always by Robert Englund. He's not on the record a lot, but he's clearly having a lot of fun and his asides are pretty amusing. Still, this is only for novelty lovers.

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