Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Roxy Music - Viva!


This live album has a few things working against it. Its songs come from no less than three different tours. This would've been fine if it had been a double album, but for a single-disc release, this fact just robs it of any real consistency of sound. Some songs suffer greatly; "The Bogus Man" loses its lush Eno sound and while "In Every Dream Home a Heartache's" first part is even more ominous than before, Ferry just goes a bit overboard in his vocals, which were just hilariously detached in the original. (Note to bands: try to slow down songs in concert as well as speed them up. "Heartache" worked really well when it was played more slowly than the studio version.)
Viva isn't horrible or anything, it's just kind of unnecessary. The only rarity is the non-album track "Pyjamarama", so you're not getting much you wouldn't get on the studio albums. It's completely skippable.

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