Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Roxy Music - Siren


Damn, that girl from the "Houses of the Holy" cover sure grew up to be hot.
But enough about the album cover, let's talk about the album itself. The first song, "Love is the Drug" is a KILLER disco song with an awesome bassline, simplistic yet well-used synths and a typically great performance from Ferry. Other strong tracks include "Both Ends Burning" and "Just Another High." However, as on "Country Life," none of these songs really do a whole lot that we haven't already seen from earlier Roxy Music albums; there's the typically loud guitar, the saxophone, and varied keyboards that've characterized all the band's work to this point. The formula still works, but it's a formula nonetheless. Siren is still a little bit better than its predecessor, mostly because there's less of that blasted electric violin (which is replaced with a real one on some tracks). Some people think this is the best Roxy album, but I attribute that to the fact that the best tracks by far are the first and last ones. (I call this the "Who's Next" effect). Still, this is the last of the Roxy Music albums I consider essential.

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