Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Roxy Music - Roxy Music


This album was YEARS ahead of its time. There are all sorts of neat Eno-treated synth textures that were way more nuanced than what the prog bands were doing in 1972 (although there are some more traditional keyboards such as the Mellotron). Ferry is such a great singer- I normally have no idea what the hell women find attractive in men, but even I have to admit that his voice is sexy as hell.
Some songs, like "If There Is Something," are long and multi-parted without feeling like a bunch of songs stuck together in the prog mold, while others are great mixes of soul, prog and glam rock (after all, there's little true originality in any field- most of it is just taking elements used by other people and combining them in a way that no one has done before) The album was produced by Peter Sinfield, best known for writing lyrics on the first four King Crimson albums, and it sounds great (although, given his extensive production history since, I can't help but wonder if Eno deserves a co-production credit).
Eno and Ferry aren't the only stars, though; McKay does a great job on saxophone and Manazera's guitar tones are always interesting. The rhythm section is fairly dull, but they were never really a main focus of the band so that fact doesn't matter much. It's not often that a band this revolutionary comes out of the womb fully formed; this is an excellent debut with far-reaching influences.

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