Thursday, May 28, 2009

Roxy Music - Manifesto


Now this is an album I really have no use for. It's the band's first after a hiatus of several years, and it has NOTHING of what made the previous albums great. It's just generic disco-pop with no energy whatsoever; the saxophone is underused, Manzanera's performance is lackluster at best, and even Bryan Ferry's vocals are uninspired as hell. None of the songs rise above mediocrity; my favorite part was the intro of "Spin Me Round," and that was only because it reminded my of an awesome remix of the moon theme from the Ducktales NES game that I heard a few years ago.
Instead of having an actual woman on the cover, they opted to go with a bunch of female mannequins, which is a pretty apt metaphor for how dull and boring this album is. I can't figure out who this album was supposed to appeal to.

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