Friday, May 29, 2009

Roxy Music - Flesh + Blood


This was only released a few months into the 1980's, but it still bears the hallmark of everything that made that decade bad. The drums are overcompressed, the synths are cheesy, the basslines are comatose, Manzanera's tone has devolved to the point that he sounds like anyone from the era, and Ferry frequently sounds like he's sleepwalking his way through this material. There are also two unnecessary covers of Wilson Pickett's "In the Midnight Hour" and the Byrds' "Eight Miles High". I heard a better cover of the former tune on an album called "Freddy's Greatest Hits" that was a tie-in to one of the Nightmare on Elm Street sequels(I'll have to review that after I'm done with this band), and while I like the organ on the latter, it would've been better on an original song. None of these songs have any bite whatsoever. Skip it!


  1. Yes, but.... I didn't think this was a good enuf album 2 keep, but the high points R pretty great. "Over You" is catchy & punchy & there's a GREAT Andy Mackay sax solo at the Nd. "On the Radio" is quiet but haunting. "Same Old Scene" is kinda mechanical (in a sub-"Love is the Drug" sorta way), but I like it & the instrumental textures at the Nd, the mix of sax & keyboards. "My Only Love" is an OK slow ballad, at least Ferry doesn't get 2 morose or gushy.
    So, 4 Dcent songs outta 10? An overall rating of 4, then, yes? MayB U're not so far off. I just liked later, softer "adult-contemporary" Roxy more than U, & I guess every album can't have a grabber like "The Thrill of it All" on it. On the other hand, why not? These guys had mellowed some by this time, is the only thing I can figure.... -- TAD.

  2. Pugs: MayB I'm getting 2 old 4 this. The song I called "On the Radio" in the comment above is ACTUALLY called "Oh Yeah" ("On the Radio" is a subtitle). Each day the Alzheimer's gets me even more firmly in its grip....
    Oh, & 4 a REAL mechanical Roxy song, how 'bout "Dance Away" on MANIFESTO? I mean, I like it, but it's got that same mechanical sub-"Love is the Drug" sound, & a popcorn-popper rhythm track ... but at least there's some nice Mackay sax at the Nd & Ferry's vocals R pretty good....
    U know, mosta these songs I like were big hits in England? But I never much liked Roxy's more outrageous stuff, "Virginia Plain," "Do the Strand," etc. The smoothed-out version just worked better 4 me, even B4 I got old.... -- TAD.

  3. The over-the-top campy stuff is actually the whole reason I love Roxy Music. There's something I find really captivating about how theatrical it all is, and Manifesto & Flesh + Blood had very little of that feel.
    Oh, and I thought at first that you were trying to hide a secret message or something in your message, what with all those capital letters used as abbreviations. :/