Friday, May 22, 2009

Roxy Music - Country Life


I've refrained from commenting on the album covers to this point, but CHRIST does the one on the right have a total manface. It's like they had to make her wear those see-through panties just to say "No, I do not have a penis." And they're both just disgustingly skinny, too.
Country Life features an electric violin, an instrument I've never really been partial to, played by Eddie Jobson, who, if you're familiar with the second tier of British prog bands, seems to be the only person in the entire world who plays the instrument. Except for that addition, this album seems like Roxy by numbers to me, with few real innovations. Of course, there are still some extremely good songs, such as "The Thrill of It All," one of the band's best known songs, the jazzy throwback "If It Takes All Night," and the pretentious-but-fun "Triptych". Unfortunately, there are also a few questionable moments, such as the gratuitious German in "Bittersweet". Still, this isn't a bad album at all. I suspect the fact that it's overrated might be due to the controversial cover (which also explains why the Scorpions' Virgin Killer has topped so many "Greatest Album" lists as of late).

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